Upcoming Sales:

Dear Customers, Sellers, Buyers & Friends!

McDermott Auction Service, LLC, will postpone until futher notice our Spring Consignment Auction.

Due to the Recommendation on Health Issue Guidelines and Crowd Size Regulations from the Government and Nebraska State Government.

Remember one thing folks find the positives in life, we are great Americans and Nebraskans.

There will be better times to come.

Any questions call at 308-530-4806 or 308-534-2910, we will keep you posted.



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A professional team maximizes your sale profits. Our dependable and hardworking staff includes our ring manager, and ring assistants who watch carefully for each bid. Our clerks and cashiers make sure that your profits are collected in a precise manner. Our marketing team targets a precise audience for your sale. Together with Thad, this team makes the difference between an ordinary auction and an extraordinary auction.

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